Hudson Valley Poker League (HVPL)

Tournament Schedule

Tournament registration will begin 15 minutes prior to every event.  Cards are scheduled to be in the air ON TIME every week.  You may register for any event until the end of round three up to and including during the break.

SEASON XI Schedule:

  • Every Wednesday from February 1st through last week of May we will have a Deepstack Tournament.
  • Entry fee will be $130 weekly
  • Cash prizes will be given weekly
  • Only $taken out are for the bonus/year-end pool (just $15pp) and used to fund the season finale free-roll tournament, bonuses, etc.
  • Tournaments will rotate weekly among four styles: Week One - Deepstack/10K chips, unlimited rebuys four levels, Week Two - Deepstack/10K chips, no rebuys,  Week Three - Deepstack/10 chips, no rebuys, but $20 bounty per person, Week Four - Deepstack/15K chips/turbo tournament, no rebuys or antes.
  • Last tournament before the free-roll will be a combination of the four tournaments - a Deepstack (10K) with unlimited rebuys to a deeperstack (15K), with a bounty, turbo format.

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