Hudson Valley Poker League (HVPL)

League Rules/FAQ's

Hudson Valley Poker League (HVPL) Rules

Season XVI

League Duration – 20 Tournaments April through July (approximately)

Maximum Number of starting entrants weekly - N/A.

  • Tournaments will rotate weekly between a freezeout, rebuy, bounty and turbo (all 10,000 in starting chips except the turbo which will have 15,000 starting chips).  Blind levels will be 15 minutes and 10 minutes for turbo
  • Regular tournament rules apply.
  • Players may chop money, but not points.
  • Top 7 every night will get extra points
  • Top 10 in standings at regular season's will qualify for $2,000 one table FREE-ROLL.  Anyone that plays in 3 tournaments will qualify for $1,000-added tournament.  Top three will split $500 ($250, $150, $100).



                                     Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?  We are in the Mid-Hudson Valley.  We’re easily accessible from Northwestern Connecticut, Northern Westchester, Putnam, and Southern Dutchess counties.  We're about 40-60 minutes from Southern Westchester, Orange, Northern Dutchess and Rockland Counties.  Once you've been screened and have been legitimized as a true player and someone interested in the game, we can fill you in and provide you a double-secret password to get into the game.

Is there any cost to play?
  Yes, ranging from $40-$140...
Why the limited information?  There’s a lot of stuff here, probably 97.49% of the information you need to know on this site.  It's kind of like going on a first date and asking your prospective mate how much they weigh, how many kids they want, and what they like for breakfast.  That and well, if you're serious about playing in this league and competing in it as a poker player, you'll leave us your name, location, phone number and email address.  What have you got to lose?  Whatever it is, we've got just as much if not more to lose - multiply that by the crazies out there.  To be serious, we're trying to keep our game(s) secure, friendly, and private.  This is fun stuff and we want to keep it that way.

Types of players in your games?  Go to the mall on a Saturday afternoon and look around.  You'll see attorneys, plumbers, real estate people, cops, firemen, judges, construction workers, employed and unemployed people, neighbors, college students, etc.  It takes all types to have a poker game.  You'll see that in our games.  There are all walks.  The common theme is poker and poker players can be nice and poker players can be not-so-nice.  That's the reality of it, but both games strive for friendliness.  For the most part, let's just say there are no professionals, no sharks, players that know the game, and well,....players that 'think' they know the game.

What is your set up like, number of players?  Trust me, a great set up!  Non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, and cash game spread after.  There is a high-hand bonuses as well.  On any given night there could be just one full table up to four full tables.  Capacity for four full tables, or forty players max however.  For league tournaments, 15-30 players, averaging 20-22 per tournament

Do you have dealers - Yes, we have well trained dealers who get in as many hands per hour as possible.  Keep in mind should you play that all dealers work on gratuities.  Should you win a tournament, please take care of the dealers.

May I bring a friend - Once you have been screened and approved to attend these games, you may be allowed to bring a friend or two provided they come with you and have been pre-approved by the location providing the game.  There is no wiggle room on this.  Unannounced visitors provide a risk and threat to everyone at the game much like someone crashing a party.  They're likely harmless, but you probably wouldn't bring a friend to someone else's party without asking....would you?  Simply call and/or email ahead for approval.  The games usually have some sort of incentive to bring your friends anyway.

Other questions - simply email and/or call.  Fill out the Contact Form with link above.  We'll get back with you ASAP!
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